Our Planet in Need

Every 5 minutes,
we lose one species
to extinction.

365 days a year,
global pollution rates
inch higher and higher.

Industrial production is the root cause of these alarming statistics. And it’s not going away. Global modernization continues to expand and, unfortunately, suck the life out of our ecosystems.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

A simple switch to clean energy that works WITH nature can meet this industrial demand AND safely leave our world to flourish.

Funding is Key

Science needs funding. Funding controls Science. Without it, crucial technologies never leave the development stage. This has been the reality for many revolutionary technologies. They become paralyzed, useless, and forgotten. This cannot and WILL NOT happen with our breakthrough SEG technology.

The current global oil industry is worth more than 10-trillion dollars. Top oil companies reap billions in profits each year, while millions more are wasted on oil exploration projects. If just a fraction of that revenue was devoted to the development and distribution of the SEG, its eye-opening benefits would be ten-fold and clearly evident.

Time Remaining Until We Run Dry:

73 Years

Worth of Coal

45 Years

Worth of Natural Gas

37 Years

Worth of Oil

A New Way of Thinking

Environmental scientists have made great strides in the fields of alternative energy. In fact, Canada is one of the leading nations to tap energy from renewable resources - like wind and the sun. This is great, but we can do better.

We need to act swiftly and effectively to make a tangible difference on climate change and energy costs.

Nuclear is not an option. It is risky, expensive, and toxic. Nuclear energy comes from the destruction of the atom, the foundation of all life and matter in our universe.

Renewable energy projects ARE the answer. Searl Canada Inc. believes in working with the awesome power of nature, not against it. By doing so, we can create energy that is sustainable for years... and lifetimes to come. The SEG channels the power locked in the atom rather than destroying it to get it out.

A Revolution in Power: Why the S.E.G.?

Global Renewable Energy Investment:

$260+ Million

Annual Investment Transactions

2.3+ Million

Jobs Created

Searl Canada Inc. believes in the future of SEG technology. We foresee it breathing life into a new industry and generating unprecedented economic growth. We foresee lower unemployment and new opportunities for those workers engaged in costly energy companies.

We foresee a better world for all.

Our strategy for change is simple. We will do everything in-house and, when necessary, license the technology to only the most established and credentialed companies in Canada. Already the SEG has sparked interest from utility companies and new enterprises - and we’re excited about their enthusiasm. They share our vision and know, without a doubt, that the SEG puts us on the brink of a sustainable technology revolution.

Relying on Renewable Energy

Here’s the thing. Our current sources for energy - coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear - are running out. They are non-renewable. In fact, according to some estimates our fossil fuel reserves will be depleted within 50 years. Once those resources are gone, our lights will dim. We will be left to live in a dark, polluted world unless we ACT NOW. We must prepare for a new age of energy production. And, that new age begins right here at Searl Canada Inc..

Searl Effect technology is the future of global energy production and transportation. Why? Because the Searl Effect Generator works in an open system environment, using ambient electrons that always available all around us.

Electrons spin around every atom. Atoms make up all matter, therefore electricity is in everything. It surrounds us and is part of us 24/7. The magic of the SEG is that it can tap into those electrons and convert them into usable electricity without destroying the atom. The process is safe, effective, and non-destructive.

Invest in Searl Canada Inc. and the SEG

Searl Canada Inc. is on a mission to:

  • Heal the Planet
  • Provide affordable energy.
  • Create jobs.
  • And jump start Canada's sagging economy.

We want to make you, the investor, a lot of money - all for the good of our planet. Searl Canada Inc. will help renew Canada’s role in the global economy and make it a leader in the global energy revolution.

Join us. Be a part of the change!

Indirect Benefits

SEG technology will not only set the stage for a clean, affordable power supply, it will also yield significant benefits like:

  • A safer environment for our children and future generations.
  • Less air pollution.
  • Lower federal pollution-related health care costs.
  • Better resources for education and science.
  • Endless supply of electricity for anything and everything.