John Searl and the SEG

The history of the SEG invention.

Born in England on May 2, 1932, John Roy Robert Searl experienced recurring childhood dreams that led him to design a revolutionary open system energy converter fuelled only by rotating magnets propelled by ever present ambient electrons. This revolutionary technology, known as the Searl Effect Generator (SEG), was openly demonstrated by Dr. Searl himself in the early 1960s. Today, decades after its creation, the SEG is being herald as a breakthrough for its capability to harness limitless energy from its surrounding atmosphere.

“There is nothing impossible except that the state of your mind makes it so!”

- John Searl

The SEG can work as a power source for mechanical motors, and, perhaps more importantly, as an open energy electrical generator. An SEG consists of three concentric rings, each composed of four different materials also concentrically attached to each other. The three rings are fixed to a base. Surrounding each of the rings, and free to rotate around them, are rollers, typically 12 on the first ring, 22 on the next, and 32 on the outer ring. Surrounding the outer rollers are coils, which are connected in various configurations to supply either AC or DC current. The SEG can range in size, at one meter in diameter, it is able to produce a capacity 15 Kilowatts, suitable for most households.

Searl Canada

Why we got involved

We believe in the SEG. We foresee the elimination of pollution caused by internal combustion,nuclear and other conventional energy producing methods. We KNOW that the SEG can power anything that runs on electricity, and can do so without compromising the environment.

How the team was built

Our History

Searl Canada Inc. is still in its infancy. It was incorporated last year by its founder and CEO, Mike Ryan Alexander, who is also a long-time financial supporter of the SEG redevelopment at Searl Magnetics Inc.

What We are Doing Now

The current objective at Searl Canada Inc. is to attract investors and/or joint venture partners for Searl Canada Inc., Searl Magnetics Inc., and Searl Aerospace Inc.. All support from investors and/or partners goes directly to the current re development project of the SEG (Searl Effect Generator). Our Biggest current development expenses right now are legal expenses, equipment, materials, personal, rent.

Searl Canada Inc. Is currently offering an investor protection agreement that guarantees all money invested in Searl Canada Inc. will be fully protected if anything holds the SEG from the world market. This is how confident we are in the SEG, its success and the impact it will have on the world!

The Next Step

Once the SEG goes into production, Searl Canada Inc. will focus all of its efforts on capitalizing on the SEG and IGV technologies within Canada as well as manufacturing them for the rest of the world.

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