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Shares are currently available in Searl Canada Inc., Searl Magnetics Inc. and Searl Aerospace Inc.

Searl Canada Inc. Is currently offering an investor protection agreement that guarantees all money’s invested in Searl Canada Inc. will be fully protected if anything holds the SEG from the world market. This is how confident we are in the SEG, its success and the impact it will have on the world!

The powers that be cannot ignore open energy technology forever. Mother Nature, along with the laws of economics won’t allow it. The endless rising of energy demands and accompanying environmental degradation continues to open all our eyes day by day. It is only a matter of time before the right people (such as yourself) step up to help us get the SEG to all the world’s people. Many of the “BIG BOYS” have already taken notice of our progress and are starting to talk collaboration rather than competition. Day by day the interest grows. Are you interested in becoming a part of a team that will change the world?

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